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Site Update

We haven’t updated the site in awhile, but with good reason.  Wrath of the Lich King has kept us very busy, and the forums has taken over the raid sign-up function.  Thus, I’ve went back and deleted all the old Kara sign-ups and I’ve updated the roster.  If I missed any of your characters, please send me a tell in game.

We will try to keep the updates coming, but still defer to the forums for the majority of our out of game guild communications.

Thanks!  Hope you are enjoying Northrend!

-Pepperbox / Pumkin


Zomgz Update!

So a few things have been updated in anticipation of Wrath of the Lich King.

First, I’ve added pages for Death Knights and Inscriptions so you can post your insights and links there.

Also, I’ve made a small update to the active roster. I am pretty sure I missed people, so just let me know.



This is Treassa. Pumkin is over at mah house right now and made the mistake of abandoning the computer without logging out of WordPress, so I have authorship access!

But I don’t really have anything important to say, so I will instead give you this dirty WoW limerick I wrote!

There once was a gnome from Ironforge
Who fell for a girl orc named George
So his hunter friend set a trap
While he donned his mind control cap
To get access to her Searing Gorge

PS – no, I’m not 70 yet so stop asking!

Neat mod

RatingBuster is a mod that breaks down all the stats on a given piece of equipment into percentage values, so you can see just how much you stand to gain or lose from equipping that item. If you ever find yourself in the “should I?/shouldn’t I?” debate about a particular piece of gear, this might be a good mod for you!

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I found some free forums so I made us one.

Here’s the link:

Post here or on the forums about improvements that we could make.


Emerald Flame going ons.

As we all know Kara hasn’t been happening with us.  Do to out of games issues, some people have taken a break from WoW, thus hurting our raiding numbers.  To make up for this, we should all be doing our part in recruiting people.  We should all be of sufficient rank to recruit new people into the guild, so  we should all do our part to meet new people and send out invites.  I’ll be the first to say that I suck at recruiting so any advice would be nice for us all.  One general tip to follow is, if you group with someone who isn’t half bad, just let them know a little about us, and tell them to keep us in mind if they want to try a new guild.


Anzu DOWN! Dr00ds full of win!!!

Our guild run in Heroic Sethekk Halls went very well this evening, with us one-shotting all the bosses–including the druid-only summon boss, Anzu. We all made it out in one piece, and as a reward, Feril and Caelorum got their swift flight forms!

We’d sincerely like to thank everyone who volunteered to come, and everyone who ran the instance with us. We definitely appreciate your help in getting this quest completed!!!