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Epix burds!

[Update: Thanks to everyone for your comments! It looks like we’re going to try a Thursday night run (4/3) starting at 10pm server time. Hope to see some of you there!]

Though we don’t have a ton of druids in the guild, there are two in particular that have been anxiously awaiting their epic flight forms. Feril and I have completed all of the prerequisites of the quest up to our battle with Anzu in Heroic Sethekk Halls.

We’d like to get a group together to attempt this heroic instance sometime soon, and we’d LOVE it if it could be an all-guild run. I think it’s safe to say we’ve geared ourselves pretty well over these last couple of Kara runs, so we stand a good chance of completing it.

So…anyone? Pretty, pretty please? Need I remind you that badges drop in heroic instances? And phat lewts? Besides, you’d be helping a couple of guildies that have done the same for you in the past and will continue to do so in the future! As an added motivator, most–if not all–of the Kara A Group have a quest for part of Heroic Sethekk Halls, which will net you rep and gold.

Please comment if you’d be willing to tag along. Also, list times/days that are convenient to you. Right now, we’re hoping to do a run this Thursday night, April 3 (we haven’t set a time yet). Hope to see some of you there!


[Also, don’t forget that signups for this weekend’s Kara run have already started!]


Fury of the Sunwell: Patch 2.4 is Live!

Happy Patch Day!!! Here are the patch notes.

So, who’s ready to raid the Sunwell? :)

How do I get there?!
Start off from the quest giver in Shattrath City who is standing next to A’dal. He will direct you to Ironforge, where you can catch a gryphon to Sun’s Reach on the Isle of Quel’danas. This serves as the quest hub for the zone. Additional dailies for Shattered Sun Offensive faction are also available in Shattrath City, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out for the blue exclamation point markers!!!

Some mods to update:
Deadly Boss Mod
Quartz (a timing mod)
On a sad note, Damagemeters is not planned to be updated for 2.4, unless a new person takes on the task.
YACL (A newer Damage meter that works in 2.4.)
Recount (A huge DM that works in 2.4 but is very detailed.)

I found this link to WoWinterface. It’s a guide to the updated mods in 2.4, if you haven’t updated yet.

Karazhan this weekend?

I know many people are going to be at my house on Saturday for Zombie Day, and Sunday is Easter and many people will be out of town, so is a Kara raid a feasible option this weekend? Do we wanna try a Friday night raid? Tell me what you think.



Second time’s a charm.

Two tries; that’s all it took for Nightbane to go down. Probably would have been one if he hadn’t hate crimed and landed on Cael’s head.

Great job all!
Our combat stats at WWS

Karazhan: Saturday, March 15th

I’ve heard from a few people that this next Sunday isn’t the best day for Kara, so let’s try again with the Saturday raid.  Sign up for Karazhan this Saturday, let’s down Prince again!

Prince Down!

We got Prince down on our fifth try of the night. Great job all. Not to mention that we one shotted Netherspite. Now we need to work on the quest so we can summon Nightbane and kick his butt too.

Here’s the link to our damage report: WWS report.



And here are the screenshots of our Prince and Netherspite kills:

Prince is Down!Prince’s body is in there somewhere…

Netherspite Down!Not a full group shot since Llye skinned Netherspite before we could all form up…


Kara Sunday February 38th!

After nearly getting Prince on our first night, let’s get him down on Sunday.  We’ll start at 4 server time.

Who’s with me?  Sign up now!