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This is Treassa. Pumkin is over at mah house right now and made the mistake of abandoning the computer without logging out of WordPress, so I have authorship access!

But I don’t really have anything important to say, so I will instead give you this dirty WoW limerick I wrote!

There once was a gnome from Ironforge
Who fell for a girl orc named George
So his hunter friend set a trap
While he donned his mind control cap
To get access to her Searing Gorge

PS – no, I’m not 70 yet so stop asking!



  feril wrote @

Treassa, are you 70 yet? >: )

  Treassa wrote @

god i hate you so much

i wish i could hate you to death

  lilypadjohn wrote @


  Grape wrote @

Well done, sir.

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