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“Quick” 0-375 Alchemy guide

Alchemists specialize in creating potions, elixirs and flasks, as well as performing transmutations of the most mundane materials into something extraordinary.

Whether you’re looking for a quick +strength fix, a healing potion to pop during that hectic boss fight, or someone to turn that arcane crystal and thorium into an Arcanite Bar, the guild alchemists are the people you should turn to.

The guild bank is continually replenished with new potions, elixirs and flasks as we craft them. If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, feel free to post a request here, or contact an alchemist in-game. Also, since transmutations are a cooldown-based ability, it’s best to talk to one of us in-game to ensure that we can perform the transmutation for you as soon as our cooldown is up.

Below are listings of the most popular potions, elixirs, flasks and transmutations that our alchemists can perform. It is by no means a complete listing.

375 Alchemy (Elixir Master) – Caelorum

Arcanite Bar
Mercurial Stone
Primal Air to Primal Fire
Primal Water to Primal Air
Primal Water to Primal Shadow
Primal Shadow to Primal Water
Primal Earth to Primal Life
Primal Earth to Primal Water
Primal Life to Primal Earth
Primal Mana to Primal Fire
Primal Fire to Primal Mana
Primal Might
Earthstorm Diamond
Skyfire Diamond

Elixir of The Mongoose
Onslaught Elixir
Adept’s Elixir
Elixir of Healing Power
Elixir of Strength
Elixir of Fortitude
Elixir of Mastery
Elixir of Frost Power
Earthen Elixir
Elixir of Draenic Wisdom
Elixir of Ironskin
Elixir of Major Defense

Super Healing Potion
Super Mana Potion
Major Dreamless Sleep Potion

Flask of Blinding Light
Flask of Pure Death
Flask of Fortification
Flask of Relentless Assault
Flask of Mighty Restoration
Flask of Chromatic Wonder

375 Alchemy – Treassa

375 Alchemy – Talaa

298 Alchemy – Rushia


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