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“Quick” 0-375 enchanting guide 

375 Enchanting – Pumkin – Burning Crusade enchants only, I have most pre-BC enchants
375 Enchanting – Feril – Only BC enchants listed.

Enchant Boots – Fortitude (Pumkin)
Enchant Boots – Vitality (Pumkin)
Enchant Bracer – Fortitude (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Bracer – Assault (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Bracer – Brawn (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Bracer – Major Defense (Feril)
Enchant Bracer – Major Intellect (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Bracer – Spellpower (Feril)
Enchant Bracer – Stats (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Bracer – Superior Healing (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Chest – Exceptional Stats (Pumkin)
Enchant Chest – Exceptional Health (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Chest – Major Spirit (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Chest – Restore Mana Prime (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Cloak – Greater Agility (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Cloak – Major Armor (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Cloak – Spell Penetration (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Cloak – Stealth (Pumkin)
Enchant Gloves – Major Healing (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Gloves – Major Spellpower (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Gloves – Spell Strike (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Gloves – Major Strength (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Gloves – Assault (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Gloves – Blasting (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Gloves – Threat (Pumkin)
Enchant Shield – Tough Shield (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Shield – Major Stamina (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Shield – Intellect (Pumkin)
Enchant Shield – Resilience (Feril)
Enchant Weapon – Major Healing (Pumkin/Feril)
Enchant Weapon – Major Intellect (Feril)
Enchant Weapon – Major Spellpower (Feril)
Enchant Weapon – Major Striking (Pumkin/Feril)
Prismatic Shere (Pumkin/Feril)
Void Sphere (Pumkin/Feril)
Superior Mana Oil (Pumkin/Feril)
Superior Wizard Oil (Pumkin/Feril)

280 Enchanting – Lucex – Most old-world (i.e., pre-BC enchants up to 275), including fiery and icy weapons


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