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“Quick” 0-375 jewelcrafting guide (the last four paragraphs talk about 300-375)

While the primary function of a jewel crafter is to cut rare gems, they also focus on creating delicate rings and necklaces, and a few cloth helm pieces.

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Helm (cloth only)

380 Jewelcrafting – Kayaan

354 Jewelcrafting – Entros


Destructive Skyfire Diamond – +14 spell critical strike rating and 1% spell reflect
Swift Skyfire Diamond – +24 attack power and minor speed run increase
Insightful Earthstorm Diamond – +12 intellect and chance to restore mana on spellcast

Lustrous Azure Moonstone – +2 mana every 5 seconds
Solid Azure Moonstone – +9 Stamina
Sparkling Azure Moonstone – +6 Spirit

Radiant Talasite – +4 spell crit rating +5 spell penetration
Steady Talasite – +4 resilience rating +6 stamina
Enduring Deep Peridot – +3 defense rating +4 stamina
Jagged Deep Peridot – +3 critical strike rating +4 stamina
Radiant Deep Peridot – +3 spell critical rating +4 spell penetration

Veiled Noble Topaz – +4 spell hit rating +5 spell damage
Glinting Flame Spessarite – +3 hit rating +3 agility
Inscribed Flame Spessarite – +3 critical strike rating +3 strength
Luminous Flame Spessarite – +7 healing +3 spell damage +3 intellect

Purified Shadow Pearl – +9 healing +3 spell damage +4 spririt
Glowing Shadow Draenite – +4 spell damage +4 stamina
Purified Jaggal Pearl – +7 healing +3 spell damage +3 spirit
Royal Shadow Draenite – +7 healing +3 spell damage +1 mana per 5 seconds – +3 agility +4 stamina
Sovereign Shadow Draenite -3 strength +4 stamina

Teardrop Living Ruby – +18 healing +6 spell damage
Bold Blood Garnet – +6 strength
Bright Blood Garnet – +12 attack power
Delicate Blood Garnet – +6 agility
Teardrop Blood Garnet+13 healing +5 spell damage

Gleaming Dawnstone – +8 spell critical strike rating
Mystic Dawnstone – +8 resilience rating
Brilliant Golden Draenite – +6 intellect
Gleaming Golden Draenite – +6 spell critical rating
Rigid Golden Draenite– +6 hit rating
Smooth Golden Draenite – +6 critical strike rating
Thick Golden Draenite – +6 defense rating

Crown of the Sea Witch – Level 70
Emerald Crown of Destruction – Level 50
Ruby Crown of Restoration – Level 40
Moonsoul Crown – Level 26


Levels 60-70
Delicate Eternium Ring
The Black Pearl
Azure Moonstone Ring
Brilliant Pearl Band
Fel Iron Blood Ring
Golden Draenite Ring
Heavy Adamantite Ring

Levels 50-59
Band of Natural Fire
Emerald Lion Ring
Ring of Bitter Shadows
Onslaught Ring
Sapphire Signet

Levels 40-49
Diamond Focus Ring
Simple Opal Ring
Gem Studded Band
The Aquamarine Ward
Truesilver Healing Ring
Red Ring of Distruction

Levels 30-39
Aquamarine Signet
Truesilver Commander’s Ring
Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing
Engraved Truesilver Ring
The Jade Eye
Golden Ring of Power
Blazing Citrine Ring

Levels 20-29
Golden Dragon Ring
Wicked Moonstone Ring
Heavy Jade Ring
Ring of Twilight Shadows
Heavy Silver Ring
Ring of Silver Might

Levels 10-19
Gloom Band
Bronze Band of Force
Elegant Silver Ring
Simple Pearl Ring
Solid Bronze Ring
Inlaid Malachite Ring
Tigerseye Band
Heavy Copper Ring
Braided Copper Ring
Woven Copper Ring


Levels 60-70
Embrace of the Dawn
Necklace of the Deep
Thick Adamantite Necklace

Levels 50-59
Necklace of the Diamond Tower
Living Emerald Pendant
Sapphire Pendant of Winter Night

Levels 40-49
Opal Necklace of Impact
Ruby Pendant of Fire

Levels 30-39
Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior
Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing
Jade Pendant of Blasting
Heavy Golden Necklace of Battle

Levels 20-29
Amulet of the Moon
Barbaric Iron Collar
Bronze Torc
Brilliant Necklace

Levels 10-19
Thick Bronze Necklace
Ornate Tigerseye Necklace
Malachite Pendant



  lilypadjohn wrote @

OOoh the Fel Iron Blood Ring looks tasty. Damaris currently has rings of 15 and 22 agility, is the 48 attack power better? I never remember the conversions…

  caelorum wrote @

I dunno the conversions either, but don’t you wanna keep at least some of that agility for your crit rating?

  lilypadjohn wrote @

I am not actually sure! Do I? LOL
So attack power doesn’t help with crit, I gather. Hmmm….

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