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“Quick” 0-375 leatherworking guide

Leatherworkers take the hides, skins and scales of fallen foes to craft armor, ammo storage (i.e., quivers and ammo pouches), patches that add benefits (i.e., +armor, +stamina, +agility, etc.) to a piece of armor, and even trinkets!

Below are some of the more popular items we can craft. For the sake of length, only BC content is listed. It is by no means a complete listing.

375 Leatherworking (Elemental) – Aviennerla
Aside from your typical LW fare, Aviennerla can make:
Nethercleft Leg Armor
Nethercobra Leg Armor
Nature Armor Kit
Shadow Armor Kit
Cobrascale Hood
Bag of Many Hides
Reinforced Mining Bag
Riding Crop
Heavy Clefthoof Leggings
Heavy Clefthoof Boots
Heavy Clefthoof Vest

375 Leatherworking (Elemental) – Umbranoc

Armor Kits:
Knothide Armor Kit
Heavy Knothide Armor Kit
Cobrahide Leg Armor
Clefthide Leg Armor
Glove Reinforcements

Leather & Leather Sets:
Hood of Primal Life

Thick Draenic Gloves
Thick Draenic Pants
Thick Draenic Boots
Thick Draenic Vest

Wild Draenish Boots
Wild Draenish Gloves
Wild Draenish Leggings
Wild Draenish Vest

Fel Leather Gloves
Fel Leather Boots
Fel Leather Leggings

Heavy Clefthoof Leggings
Heavy Clefthoof Boots
Heavy Clefthoof Vest

Mail & Mail Sets:
Scaled Draenic Pants
Scaled Draenic Gloves
Scaled Draenic Vest
Scaled Draenic Boots

Felscale Gloves
Felscale Boots
Felscale Pants
Felscale Breastplate

Felstalker Belt*
Felstalker Bracers*
Felstalker Breastplate*

Netherfury Belt
Netherfury Leggings
Netherfury Boots

Leatherworker’s Satchel
Knothide Ammo Pouch
Knothide Quiver
Reinforced Mining Bag

Trinkets, etc.:
Drums of War**
Drums of Speed**
Drums of Restoration**
Drums of Panic**
Drums of Battle**
Riding Crop

*denotes the wearer must be a Leatherworker to receive the set bonus(es)

**denotes the bearer must be a Leatherworker to use the item


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