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The issue of worrying about your CC’ed mob came up last night, and so did a focus target. In one of the more recent patches, Blizzard added a focus target, but no UI to help with it.

Focus frame
This mod gives your focus target a health bar, just like the standard WoW bars. You should be able to find others if you don’t like that one.

To use the focus target you’ll need to make a macro that says “/focus” this will make the current target your focus. Then you can set up macros that say “/cast [target=focus] *name of spell*” or you can just use the focus bar to keep an eye on your target.

This is also a good time to mention Spellbinder. It’s a mod that allows you to bind spells and macros to keys without having to put them on an action bar.



PS: I put up a link for shadow priests under the priest section.


Karazhan Attunement!

The following people have finished their Karazhan Attunement:

  • Brittastic
  • Caelorum
  • Cleon
  • Feril
  • Llye
  • Pumkin

That’s six players ready to bust into Karazhan! If you need help completing your attunement quest, let us know. We really want to start exploring this awesome dungeon!


Karazhan Assistance

I talked with Aethan and Krodos today and they want to help us out with Karazhan.  Aethan (a level 70 healadin) has already done it a couple times, while Krodos (70 hunter) is still working on his attunement.  In addition, Deejott is moving up the levels quickly.  He is currently at level 65 and foresees level 70 in the next couple weeks.  With these additions, I don’t think we should have that much difficulty rounding up The Ten for Karazhan.

In the meantime, keep working on that attunement.   We shall soon enter Karazhan’s halls!


‘Site Stuff

I have made a couple of additions to the page.
First, I added class pages. There we can discuss and post information about the different classes. There are also links listed there. Feel free to suggest the links that you find useful.
Second, I added two new links, and a sub-division the Blogroll called Loot Links.  Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists sorts out which gear each dungeon has for your class.  It also has a gear planner so you can tell it where you want to search for gear, and what stats you want to focus on, and it will tell you where to find that gear.  Warcrafter can import your character’s information from the WoW Armory and you can change it in the sandbox tab to see what the gear would do for your stats. It’s still a work in progress so bare with it.



This recent incarnation of The Emerald Flame has been a rather close-knit group of players that mostly know each other in real life.  While this has been a fabulous setting for doing intimate five-man raids, if we want to expand to more extensive raids, I think it important to consider recruiting.

We all have friends in other guilds, so put out some feelers and see how they are doing in those guilds.  Inform them that we are hoping to do Karazhan; they might want to help us get on our feet.  In addition, we might want to consider including non-guildies in our raids.  Not total PUG, but perhaps one or two non-guildies so they can see how we work together.  If we think they rock, we can extend the invitation.

One of the best ways to recruit for higher level stuff is to get people between the levels of say 45-60.  While this might sound low, most people are not terribly invested in their guilds at that level, and we can help nurture them through the Burning Crusades content.

Either way, I think it is important to consider this.  Ranks veteran and above should be able to invite anyone to the guild, so feel free.  If they turn out to be jackasses, I love pointing that out to people and kicking them out, as I am sure you have all witnessed at some point in our guilding. 




Howdy guildies!

The question of attempting Karazhan runs is upon us. We have a variety of characters at level 70; all that remains is to find 10 noble candidates and take a stab at it. Here is a tentative lineup, proposed by Pumkin:

  • Pumkin
  • Cleon
  • Brittastic
  • Feril
  • Caelorum
  • Llye
  • Entros
  • Dantofist

Which leaves us with two wild-card slots. If Caelorum respecs to Restoration for these runs (giving us two healers), the other two slots could really be, well…anything! As it looks right now, we have three tanks, two mages and two DPS, and one healer, so it’s pretty well balanced.



Addendum:  In order to do Karazhan, we have to be attuned.  The attunement quest starts right outside Karazhan and shouldn’t be too hard.  I was able to start this today with Pumkin and I got to the part where we have to go to Shadow Labs.  If everyone gets to this point, we can continue with it this weekend.

Looking at the dungeon itself, the first three bosses are considered the “gear check” bosses.  These are the bosses that test your  gear to see if you are ready to proceed.  I think that if we are able to get ten people, then we should be able to try these first bosses.  Even if we don’t get a full ten people from the guild, we might be able to find a couple pugs to join us for the raid.  If they like us enough, maybe they will even want to join the guild!

I definitely think this dungeon is doable and it is an excellent goal for the guild.  Let’s aim for the epix!


A Website!

While The Emerald Flame has had a website before, it hasn’t been used in awhile. We thought it essential that we started a new one to better organize the guild, so here it is. It is obviously a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions, let us know.

Some things of note:

  • You can click on the character names in the roster to view their profile on the WoW Armory.
  • The pages for the Guild Professions in the first sidebar are there to list the various things that our craftsmen can make. These will hopefully be updated in the upcoming week.
  • We started a Flickr for Emerald Flame screenshots. If you got a cool one that shows off how cool/funny our guild us, contact one of the administrators.
  • Pumkin, Caelorum, Feril, and Cleon are the administrators, so write to them in-game with any suggestions, additions, or picture submissions.