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Howdy guildies!

The question of attempting Karazhan runs is upon us. We have a variety of characters at level 70; all that remains is to find 10 noble candidates and take a stab at it. Here is a tentative lineup, proposed by Pumkin:

  • Pumkin
  • Cleon
  • Brittastic
  • Feril
  • Caelorum
  • Llye
  • Entros
  • Dantofist

Which leaves us with two wild-card slots. If Caelorum respecs to Restoration for these runs (giving us two healers), the other two slots could really be, well…anything! As it looks right now, we have three tanks, two mages and two DPS, and one healer, so it’s pretty well balanced.



Addendum:  In order to do Karazhan, we have to be attuned.  The attunement quest starts right outside Karazhan and shouldn’t be too hard.  I was able to start this today with Pumkin and I got to the part where we have to go to Shadow Labs.  If everyone gets to this point, we can continue with it this weekend.

Looking at the dungeon itself, the first three bosses are considered the “gear check” bosses.  These are the bosses that test your  gear to see if you are ready to proceed.  I think that if we are able to get ten people, then we should be able to try these first bosses.  Even if we don’t get a full ten people from the guild, we might be able to find a couple pugs to join us for the raid.  If they like us enough, maybe they will even want to join the guild!

I definitely think this dungeon is doable and it is an excellent goal for the guild.  Let’s aim for the epix!




  feril wrote @


I started the chain a while ago.. finishing it up rait nau!

  Lilypad John wrote @

cool cool cool, I think we have to go to three dungeons in total, but we have done all three before, so it shouldnt be a problem before

  caelorum wrote @

I’ve completed my portion of the chain up to Shadow Lab. We have to run Steamvaults and then Arcatraz after that, so yeah, nothin’ but old hat for us. We got this in the bag! ;)
OOH! And we get to run Black Morass again after all that. Exciting stuff!!!

  feril wrote @

Oh really? BM again? That place was fun! :D

Side note, John got TWO upgrades today, and his healing is over 1.7k! That’s a nice boost for us!

  feril wrote @

^– that’s unbuffed :D

  lilypadjohn wrote @

yeah, its like 1820 with all my buffs on, I am so fucking excited :))

  caelorum wrote @

Sidenote: I’ve read that most progressions suggest doing heroics, THEN Karazhan. What would you think about trying our hand at heroics again? I know our Ramps run was a joke–maybe we could try Blood Furnace and see if that’s any easier?

  lilypadjohn wrote @

I think that people think heroics are easier just because it is more difficult to get ten people together. I really dont know for sure, of course, but I think we should at least still push for Karazhan will attempting some heroics. I’d be down for that.

  caelorum wrote @

Oh well of course we should continue pushing for Karazhan, I’m just saying that the gear drops from heroics are below that of Kara, so from even a gear progression standpoint, it makes sense to do heroics first and get as well-geared for Kara as possible. (Wow, that was all one sentence. Go run-ons!!!)

  cleonicus wrote @

I found a list of approximate minimums needed for Kara.

For all DPS, I would focus on getting your +hit to its maximum, first.
Melee’s miss chance against a lvl 73 mob (aka bosses) is 9% so aim for a 142 hit rating. For more info visit here. Dual wielding changes your chance to hit with ‘white’ damage, not with ‘yellow’ damage so even they only need +9% to their hit rating.
Spell miss chance is 17% so aim for a 202 hit rating. For more info visit here.

Talents may change the amount of hit you need to max out.

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