The Emerald Flame

A World of Warcraft Guild Site

A Website!

While The Emerald Flame has had a website before, it hasn’t been used in awhile. We thought it essential that we started a new one to better organize the guild, so here it is. It is obviously a work in progress, so if you have any suggestions, let us know.

Some things of note:

  • You can click on the character names in the roster to view their profile on the WoW Armory.
  • The pages for the Guild Professions in the first sidebar are there to list the various things that our craftsmen can make. These will hopefully be updated in the upcoming week.
  • We started a Flickr for Emerald Flame screenshots. If you got a cool one that shows off how cool/funny our guild us, contact one of the administrators.
  • Pumkin, Caelorum, Feril, and Cleon are the administrators, so write to them in-game with any suggestions, additions, or picture submissions.




  Travis wrote @

Most sexy! Now I have to find great pictures! Let me know if you want custom avatars and signatures!

  lilypadjohn wrote @

w00t! though I am not sure if wordpress supports custom signatures…

  caelorum wrote @

Someone should see about updating the guild info link on Alleria’s WoWWiki page!

  Lilypad John wrote @

heh I didnt even know that existed

  cleonicus wrote @

I edited the WoWWiki page.

  Entros wrote @

Anyone have a 2v2 going with a space left? Anyone want to start a 3v3 for kicks?

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