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The issue of worrying about your CC’ed mob came up last night, and so did a focus target. In one of the more recent patches, Blizzard added a focus target, but no UI to help with it.

Focus frame
This mod gives your focus target a health bar, just like the standard WoW bars. You should be able to find others if you don’t like that one.

To use the focus target you’ll need to make a macro that says “/focus” this will make the current target your focus. Then you can set up macros that say “/cast [target=focus] *name of spell*” or you can just use the focus bar to keep an eye on your target.

This is also a good time to mention Spellbinder. It’s a mod that allows you to bind spells and macros to keys without having to put them on an action bar.



PS: I put up a link for shadow priests under the priest section.



  Treassa wrote @

Have you considered adding an authorship line to your CSS so you won’t have to manually sign each post?

  lilypadjohn wrote @

yeah, I’d thought about it, but I kinda like it this way, and it’s not like it’s a tedious task

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