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Karazhan Attunement!

The following people have finished their Karazhan Attunement:

  • Brittastic
  • Caelorum
  • Cleon
  • Feril
  • Llye
  • Pumkin

That’s six players ready to bust into Karazhan! If you need help completing your attunement quest, let us know. We really want to start exploring this awesome dungeon!




  DeeJott wrote @

Since I hit 68 last night I am planning to get attuned shortly. I’ll read up on the quest line and appreciate any help then :P

  caelorum wrote @

Umbra and Auryn both need the second and third key fragments, so when a run is set up for either, lemme know!

  DeeJott wrote @

now shadow lab run needed for first key fragment :/

  lilypadjohn wrote @

sweeeet, not a problem

  lilypadjohn wrote @

heh that’s actually funny, since we jsut did that with you the other day lol

  DeeJott wrote @

I know; it was ridiculous to ‘ding’ during the instance and THEN being able to pick up the quest AFTER we just ran it.

  Dantofist wrote @

I just need the 2nd fragment

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