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I have made a couple of additions to the page.
First, I added class pages. There we can discuss and post information about the different classes. There are also links listed there. Feel free to suggest the links that you find useful.
Second, I added two new links, and a sub-division the Blogroll called Loot Links.  Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists sorts out which gear each dungeon has for your class.  It also has a gear planner so you can tell it where you want to search for gear, and what stats you want to focus on, and it will tell you where to find that gear.  Warcrafter can import your character’s information from the WoW Armory and you can change it in the sandbox tab to see what the gear would do for your stats. It’s still a work in progress so bare with it.




  lilypadjohn wrote @

awesome additions, Cleon. The Kaliban lists are pretty awesome, though I am not sure what to do wtih Warcrafter. I am not sure if it was just lagging because my computer at work sucks…

  cleonicus wrote @

Yeah, Warcrafter is a bit laggy. It’s main purpose is to see what changing gear, enchants, or talents would do to your stats and some of your spells.

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