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Karazhan Assistance

I talked with Aethan and Krodos today and they want to help us out with Karazhan.  Aethan (a level 70 healadin) has already done it a couple times, while Krodos (70 hunter) is still working on his attunement.  In addition, Deejott is moving up the levels quickly.  He is currently at level 65 and foresees level 70 in the next couple weeks.  With these additions, I don’t think we should have that much difficulty rounding up The Ten for Karazhan.

In the meantime, keep working on that attunement.   We shall soon enter Karazhan’s halls!




  feril wrote @

Looks like no respec for our poor dr00d! :( Sorry Dan!

  lilypadjohn wrote @


  lilypadjohn wrote @

That’s odd, my previous comment was supposed to be, “why?”

I mean, if he wants to respec, then he should respec. I see where you are coming from because that would be a lot of healers, but guild comes first, and Aethan isn’t in the guild. He does not have to join us. I can’t say I am keen on brining 3 paladins to a 10-man raid anyway.

Without Aethan, we would have three healers assuming that both Caelorum and Deejott will respec. That still seems like one too many though… I still want to give it a shot. If that doesn’t work, then we can deal with that when we get there.

Maybe we can convince Dan to bring Umbranoc to Karazhan, which shouldn’t be too hard since he has already started keying Umbranoc to Kara.

  feril wrote @

Yeah. That’s the reason he started keying up Umbra, actually. In talking to Greg, though, I realized we might need three healers anyway.. so yeah :)

I was LOLing at the “wow?” comment! ;)

  caelorum wrote @

In talking with other guildies, the general consensus is that we’ll need three healers for Kara, so it looks like a respec for Cael is in order. Aside from that, though, I’ve been working to key Umbra as well, just in case we need her 1337 loxpix0ring ;)

  Aethan wrote @

Just for the record, I have only been in Kara 3 or 4 times, and have never done a full clear. I don’t want to cause any drama if other people want to respec into healing, but I’m happy to go along if you need me.

I got my Shaman into the guild the other day, she’s 59 now, and I’m leveling every chance I get.

  Travis wrote @

I don’t think I can make it. I am still unattuned with the last two hunks of key to get. Time is still a big big issue for me. I would live to see screen shots of the events if possible though. I still really want to run through there.

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