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This recent incarnation of The Emerald Flame has been a rather close-knit group of players that mostly know each other in real life.  While this has been a fabulous setting for doing intimate five-man raids, if we want to expand to more extensive raids, I think it important to consider recruiting.

We all have friends in other guilds, so put out some feelers and see how they are doing in those guilds.  Inform them that we are hoping to do Karazhan; they might want to help us get on our feet.  In addition, we might want to consider including non-guildies in our raids.  Not total PUG, but perhaps one or two non-guildies so they can see how we work together.  If we think they rock, we can extend the invitation.

One of the best ways to recruit for higher level stuff is to get people between the levels of say 45-60.  While this might sound low, most people are not terribly invested in their guilds at that level, and we can help nurture them through the Burning Crusades content.

Either way, I think it is important to consider this.  Ranks veteran and above should be able to invite anyone to the guild, so feel free.  If they turn out to be jackasses, I love pointing that out to people and kicking them out, as I am sure you have all witnessed at some point in our guilding. 





  caelorum wrote @

I don’t have any friends in other guilds! ;_;

  lilypadjohn wrote @

awwww, sad!

  cleonicus wrote @

Yeah, getting one or two more people for raiding would be nice. Then maybe we could team up with another smaller guild for the 25 man raids, if we get to that point.

  lilypadjohn wrote @

I sent a tell to Aethan asking him if he wanted to join us for Karazhan and such, but I didn’t get a response. Maybe Travis can talk to him IRL.

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