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Karazhan: Saturday February 30th Signups

I appreciate everyone’s input in the last post about Kara run options.  Looks like everyone is still cool with the weekend raids, so let’s aim for Saturday again at 4pm server time.  Sign up!


This Weekend’s Kara Action

I think we had a really successful Kara run this weekend, even though we had two very bad PUGs. Not only were we able to down Shade of Aran again, but we also learned a lot. We learned that we can down Curator with only two healers. Llye was assigned to melee down the sparks from Curator, and he was on top of it. He rapidly grab any spark and pulled it to the center of the DPS arc. By keeping the spark in the middle, the DPS did not take as much damage, thus negating the need for a third healer. Excellent work.

While we got as far as we normally do in Kara, our further progress in Kara was hampered by a bad PUG mage and my handling of the situation. While I think I was justified in kicking the mage, I could have phrased it in a nicer way, a lesson I continually fail to realize. Due to my jackassery, the mage vengefully stuck around, preventing us from attempting anymore bosses. For that, I sincerely want to apologize. I really think we could have downed Netherspite, and it would have been nice to make an attempt on the Prince. That will have to wait for next weekend it seems.

Speaking of next week, is Saturday a good day for everyone? Should we try maybe Friday? Hell, people have talked about doing Kara on the weekdays. We could always split up Kara. For example, we could clear all the through the Opea Event on one day, and then start in with Curator on the next. So please, tell us your thoughts, when would you prefer to Kara?


Shade of Aran Down! Signup for Saturday!

Shade of Aran Down!
So I dropped the ball about posting on our success in Karazhan last Sunday! We were able to down Shade of Aran for the first time, so that is definitely something we should post about. Buzzing off of our success with Shade, we attempted Netherspite for the first time. After only two attempts, we got him down to 45%, that’s fantastic! Netherspite actually seems like he should be “easy” once we get down the technical side of the fight. I’d also like to thank Caelorum again for logging on. Without him, we would not have been able to even take down Curator. We also got lots of upgrades with many people getting to revered with Violet Eye as well.

Meanwhile, we have our next raid on Karazhan this weekend. I think a total of six of us are playing Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday, so we won’t be available for raid action; however, we’d like to try another Saturday raid to compensate. We should be able to take down Shade of Aran once again, and hopefully Netherspite will go down as well. Sign ups start….NOW!



As you all should know, I’ve been actively recruiting new people, and we’ve had some great new additions. Colbert seems to be fitting in nicely and is rocking the ice mage action. We all thought Glados was a great addition to the guild, but unfortunately he was a little too 1337 for us and decided to move on to a more active raiding guild, which I respect (though I don’t respect his decision to just split without saying anything).

Anyboo, while I’ve recruited some gems, I’ve also let some bad seeds into the guild. Most notably was “Candyandy” who swiped near 200 gold worth of potions from the guild bank. While I’ve been urging the bank supervisors to move the potions from the first tab for some time now, I think this more greatly illustrates a lack of a standards on my part.

I have been recruiting people under the assumption that I will just kick them out if they suck, and while that might work on some level, I think that letting the bad seeds into the guild affects the morale of the guild. No one likes to deal with annoying fourteen year olds or beggars, and I really need to work on filtering these people out.

Here are some of the things I have been stressing when I recruit people:

  • We are not an uber raiding guild, we try to be more casual about it
  • Most of us are aged 25+, many of us in long term, even married relationships
  • We have an active guild bank that only works on a balance of inputs and outputs
  • We are silly, some might even say “gay” at times :)

I love the community in our guild, and I really want to recruit more people to our family.  I would like to point out that I do not want to make a formal “application” for our guild.  I think an application goes against the very nature of our guild, but I do think that any officers should be able to take a few minutes to question every candidate to see if they fit into the above terms (and if you have any others to add to the list, please suggest it in the comments).  The first question should be, “How old are you?”  Next, there’s a website (can someone insert the link?) that you can check how many guilds the candidate has been in recently (if they have been jumping around from guild to guild, we don’t want them).

Lastly, I can’t do it by myself.  If you have the rank of “Officer”, you should be actively looking for more people for the guild.  I do not mean that you should be spamming every zone you go in with some premade macro, but if you find talented and awesome people, try to get them in the guild!  Hopefully we can start to expand our numbers and talents without compromising what it means to be a true “Emerald Flamer”.  LOL


Karazhan, Sunday, February 17th

Let’s start the signups for our next Karazhan raid this upcoming Sunday.  We’ve lost a couple people since our last foray, but hopefully we will still rock it.  What time do people prefer?  Is 4pm server time okay?  Or should we do 5 or 6 server?



No Kara This Weekend

Too many people are not available to raid this weekend, so we are not planning any official raids with The Emerald Flame. However, that just means that you can always PUG with some other guild. Anyboo, enjoy the break!

To the Chess Event!

The Chess EventAfter one-shotting the first five bosses and trying to kill Shade of Aran twice, we pushed through the trash mobs to the chess event. I was actually surprised how few mobs there were between Shade’s door and the chess event. The chess event is really easy, so if we can’t down Shade of Aran in the future, we should know that chess isn’t that far away. In regards to Shade of Aran, we got him down to 40%, so we were able to see him summon the water elementals. We know what it looks like and I think we are definitely making some progress, so hopefully we can take him down next weekend. We are getting lots of upgrades and having a lot fun, Kara will be our bitch!