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Karazhan this weekend?

I know many people are going to be at my house on Saturday for Zombie Day, and Sunday is Easter and many people will be out of town, so is a Kara raid a feasible option this weekend? Do we wanna try a Friday night raid? Tell me what you think.





  lilypadjohn wrote @

I personally am not available Saturday or Sunday (Treassa is visiting for the weekend for Zombie Day). I could potentially do something Thursday or Friday night. Maybe we could do up to Opera on Thursday and then finish it up Friday night.

  Delduwath wrote @

I would not want to attempt a full clear on one weekday, but I think splitting it up would work out well time wise. Up to Curator would probably be the midpoint for us. So Thursday and Friday at 7 server would be ideal for me.

  Cleonicus wrote @

The earliest I could be home on Thursday is around 8, but I’d be up for splitting Kara up that way.
As an alternative, we could just give the first boss in ZA a try and skip Kara this weekend.

  caelorum wrote @

I won’t be free until really late Thursday night, but Friday night could work for me.

As an alternative to the alternative, we could try some heroics, too. I know that Feril and I have been dying to go to Heroic Sethekk Halls, just so we can turn into superspeedburds. It’s also part of our Kara quest chain…so there’s that, too. ;)

  Colbert wrote @

hey everybody I would be free for Thursday but after that I have plans for the weekend and will be out of town. If we decide to try any of it on thursday we could save the rest of either sunday night or even monday. I know that a lot of people are pretty busy on weeknights but if we broke it up it might be more plausible

  Feril wrote @

I won’t be available Thursday until late at night, most likely. I wouldn’t guarantee being around until after 10:30. Friday would work for me. I’d also be up for heroics. I personally need to run Sethekk twice (Feril and Kay) and Shattered Halls once with Kay.

  lilypadjohn wrote @

In regards to the Kara chain, do we all “need” to do it? When you get the item to summon nightbane, is it a one time thing? Or can you keep using it? If so, I don’t see why doing the heroics is essential.

However essential, I think doing heroics on thursday and friday could be a lot of fun and a good alternative to Kara.

I also really like Cleon’s idea of attempting just the first boss in ZA on friday. In fact, do we wanna start a sign up for that? It needs no attunement btw.

  Dantofist wrote @

I plan on being part of almost every Kara run by the guild and the Nightbane summon is reusable, so I don’t see an immediate need to finish that quest. I am absolutely up for a Zul’aman attempt on Friday. If we were to do some Kara, I’d only be available Fri-Sun.

  Feril wrote @

An attempt on ZA doesn’t sound too bad. It could be a lot of fun, if we get enough people to go.

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