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I found some free forums so I made us one.

Here’s the link:

Post here or on the forums about improvements that we could make.




  caelorum wrote @

Knowing full well that this may be a completely non-applicable suggestion, what about an “Instances” subtopic under raiding?

I know many of us have geared 70’s already, but for our under-geared alts, or our up-and-coming alts, it might be a nice place to make guild run requests or find a helping hand.

I’m not entirely sure how something like that might get used, but there you have it….

  feril wrote @

I like that idea a lot, actually. There have definitely been times when Cael and I wanted to plan instance runs. :)

Should we make it just “instances”, or a scheduling sort of thing similar to the raiding scheduling board?

  feril wrote @

…and nevermind. While I tried to clarify, Greg decided to create both. ;)

  feril wrote @

both = a board for all instance talk. :P

  Morgan wrote @

wtf activate me ACTIVATE MEEEEEEEE


Maybe we should somebody with forum moderation experience to run this board. :P

  cleonicus wrote @

Haha. Sorry about that, for everyone else it sent me an e-mail that said “click here to activate” I didn’t get one for you or Brittastic.

It’s fixed not, I figured out how to activate people without a stupid e-mail.

  Morgan wrote @


Hey, it wasn’t all for naught. It gave me a good opportunity to poke fun at Pinkyz.

  lilypadjohn wrote @


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