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As we all know Kara hasn’t been happening with us.  Do to out of games issues, some people have taken a break from WoW, thus hurting our raiding numbers.  To make up for this, we should all be doing our part in recruiting people.  We should all be of sufficient rank to recruit new people into the guild, so  we should all do our part to meet new people and send out invites.  I’ll be the first to say that I suck at recruiting so any advice would be nice for us all.  One general tip to follow is, if you group with someone who isn’t half bad, just let them know a little about us, and tell them to keep us in mind if they want to try a new guild.




  Feril wrote @

I’ll also admit I’m not great with the whole recruitment thing. I did bring in one solid person, but it took.. what, Drax, over a year?! ;)

To be honest, I don’t instance enough anymore to pick up people. I do have several people on my friend list that are pretty into their guilds currently, but I have let them know that we’d be happy to welcome them.

Honestly, I think several of our key people would be Antonio, Jeff, and Matt. All seem to spend some extra time in instances, and may see more quality people than the rest of us.

As always, I’ll keep inviting people to the guild in mind, but I can’t promise anything. I’m not good with adding random people. :)

  Delduwath wrote @

Best stratagy for a small guild like ours who really can’t ‘steal’ people from other guilds :] would be to /who 67-69 and sort by guild find a random unguilded person. Ask them which instance they would like to run and run it. Then if they are good at playing, not annoying, not very young, and have a sense of humor, tell them the nice things about our guild and invite them, imo

  Jadums wrote @

I am going to be running a fair amount of heroics coming up farming for Drax’s badge loot, so I will definatly keep my eyes open. I just wish my friend Inorien could play on the weekend because she is a good player and a RL friend..but alas. If we can just get a couple more people, or even once we get a couple of our regulars back we will be rocking stuff in no time :)

Thanks for the props Feril lol. Yes it DID take me quite a while but I am here now so its all good :)

  Jadums wrote @

We should set up a kara run for this upcoming weekend. If we dont have enough people to fill a group I may have found something to help us out.

I have been pugging Kara trying to get it done and I got in with a partial guild run (like we normally do, full guildies except a couple puggers) and they are kind of in the same boat we are. So we could do a guild alliance of some sort to get through kara, and if it goes well, and we both get more members even eventually get into gruuls and Mag. Just spitballing here as it were :)

Anyways, tell me what you think and lets get this party started again :)

  cleonicus wrote @

Excellent idea! I’ll get on it.

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