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Anzu DOWN! Dr00ds full of win!!!

Our guild run in Heroic Sethekk Halls went very well this evening, with us one-shotting all the bosses–including the druid-only summon boss, Anzu. We all made it out in one piece, and as a reward, Feril and Caelorum got their swift flight forms!

We’d sincerely like to thank everyone who volunteered to come, and everyone who ran the instance with us. We definitely appreciate your help in getting this quest completed!!!



  DeeJott wrote @

grats to both of you!!!

sorry that my only contribution was ‘absense’ :/ Couldn’t make it…but I am glad that you were successful :-)

  caelorum wrote @

Aww, I totally understand, Deejott. We planned it for a pretty late run, even for our time. I can’t imagine running it with your schedule–we didn’t finish until about midnight your time!

The good news is that the instance was relatively easy to do, and the Anzu fight was probably the most simple out of the entire run. Soooo, if anyone ever feels like going back, we can do it again and again! And maybe one of those times he’ll drop these! ;)

  Feril wrote @

The best part was everyone watching me run back multiple times after being HATE CRIMED. ;)

I’d like to echo Cael’s statements. Thank you all so much!! It was truly fun to have a guildy heroic run. I’m definitely up for one again soon. :) If anyone’s got any specific gear in mind, we should go farm for it!

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