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Karazhan: Saturday, March 15th

I’ve heard from a few people that this next Sunday isn’t the best day for Kara, so let’s try again with the Saturday raid.  Sign up for Karazhan this Saturday, let’s down Prince again!



  lilypadjohn wrote @

I will be there with Damaris and Pumkin, whomever is needed :)

  Colbert wrote @

I’ll be there

  caelorum wrote @

I’m still waiting to hear when my finals will happen, so for now I’m going to say I’ll be there. If something comes up, I’ll let you guys know.

Also, were we thinking of starting at the usual time? 4pm server?

  Dantofist wrote @

You know Dantofist will be there!

  brittastic wrote @

I’ll be there! I’m pretty sure that we are just assuming the usual time, so 4pm server.

  cleonicus wrote @

I’ll be there with Guild.

PS: Someone needs to post some picts of last week!

  Feril wrote @

I’ll be there. :)

  lilypadjohn wrote @

we only have 3 spots left and Delduwath and Deejott have not signed up, they will have priority over anyone else since they are pretty essential.

  Delduwath wrote @

ya ya, I’m coming.

  hopkinstj wrote @

I am gonna sit this one out guys. Have fun with the killinating!

  DeeJott wrote @

i am in and looking forward to another prince kill (home that ^&($%#%% drops his healing mace…same as that other O*&($*% maiden! We need a couple of those :P

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