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Prince Down!

We got Prince down on our fifth try of the night. Great job all. Not to mention that we one shotted Netherspite. Now we need to work on the quest so we can summon Nightbane and kick his butt too.

Here’s the link to our damage report: WWS report.



And here are the screenshots of our Prince and Netherspite kills:

Prince is Down!Prince’s body is in there somewhere…

Netherspite Down!Not a full group shot since Llye skinned Netherspite before we could all form up…




  brittastic wrote @

It may have taken us multiple tries, but we downed him and that’s all that matters!

Plus, he dropped the head piece for Hunter, Mage and Warlock, and the wonderful dagger which Greg won! W00T!

It was a great night and I am proud of all of us.

  Delduwath wrote @

I really want to thank everyone for having such a great attitude even though we didn’t one shot prince. We took a few whipes and keep our spirits high the whole time; that really says a lot about our potential to progress. We have been learning fights at a amazing pace too. I’ve seen growth in the play style of each and every member attending the raids. We’ve really got this 10 man stuff down now. :)

  caelorum wrote @

I’m really glad I got to be there this week and share these accomplishments with you guys. It was good times, and I’m glad we didn’t stop our momentum and decided to give Netherspite a shot. Obviously it paid off for us! :)

To think of where we’ve come from in the couple months since starting Kara is very impressive. Now everything up to Shade is pretty much a cakewalk (even with two healers). Pretty soon, I think Deej and I may be able to duo-heal the whole damn thing!

So once again, great job, everyone. We rocked the haus!

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