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Illhoof Down!

Illhoof Down!Yesterday’s Kara raid was really successful. We downed Illhoof for the first time and nearly downed Prince! After the chess event, we decided to make our first pass on the Prince. After two attempts, we got him down to 6%! Six percent! We then tried Illhoof again. It had been nearly two months since we’ve tried Illhoof, so we had a lot better gear (I think Dantofist got at least three upgrades on this run, including Attumen’s horse!). It took us three tries, but we did it! I almost think that Illhoof is harder that Prince. However, the struggle was worth it since Llye finally got his testicle…I mean tentacle staff! w00t!

Next week, we are looking at Prince and Netherspite, we’re comin’!


PS: To view our stats from the raid check out this link to wowwebstats.



  Morgan wrote @

When Dan told me that you guys downed Illybeans I thought he was making a joke about Illidan (like ‘look at how leet we are we blew right past Kara all the way to Black Temple in one afternoon!’), I didn’t even think he was talking about Illhoof.

  lilypadjohn wrote @

hehhehe nice, yeah the true “Illybeans” is Illidan, not Illhoof. I wonder what his nickname should be…

  caelorum wrote @

Illyhooves! Hoofybeans? Illy Hooffa?

  deejott wrote @

illydoesntmatter…we had fun and that counts :-)

  brittastic wrote @

I am partial to Hoofybeans!

It was an amazing and ridiculous fight! I am so glad that we had so many aoe’ers to help Greg out with those imps and I am thrilled that we were able to down him.

  Morgan wrote @


  Morgan wrote @

Horny McFurrypants!

  Morgan wrote @

Pop! Goes my Hoof!
Goat and Silver!

  caelorum wrote @

Goat and Silver?!

What about Goat and Satyr for the win?! (Granted this is a redundancy, but it has the same number of syllables!)

What about Terry the FUNgulate?

  Morgan wrote @

Fungulate! Nice!

I could ruminant all day and not come up with a better name for such a macabra enemy. I’m not even kidding!

You better not call him that to his face, though. You might angora him. Unless you’re a tank, of course… or a dwarf on a mount, riding an escapegoat.

  Delduwath wrote @

I’m left a little confused, but what I do know is <3 Morgan for that last post.

  lilypadjohn wrote @

LOL I love the puns! Unfortunately, I don’t think you could somehow use the word “artiodactyla” in a pun….”artiodactylastic”? that has a nice ring to it…

I love “fungulate” btw hehe

  Morgan wrote @

Artiodactylastic? Isn’t that Brittastic’s brother?

  brittastic wrote @


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