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Karazhan: Saturday February 30th Signups

I appreciate everyone’s input in the last post about Kara run options.  Looks like everyone is still cool with the weekend raids, so let’s aim for Saturday again at 4pm server time.  Sign up!



  lilypadjohn wrote @

I will be there with Damaris or Pumkin.

  brittastic wrote @

Me me me me me me!

  Feril wrote @

I shall be around. :) Kay would be happy to go!

  caelorum wrote @

This is another one that I’ll have to sit out. Sorry, gang!

  Dantofist wrote @

I will be there promptly :)

  deejott wrote @

count me in

  Delduwath wrote @

ya ya

  hopkinstj wrote @

On it!

  cleonicus wrote @

Guild will be there.

  theemeralfflame wrote @

Smokie will be there! If you still have room for a lonely mage.

  Feril wrote @

Hmm.. I don’t see it here, but I’m pretty sure both Smokie and Colbert wanted to go to Kara. Smokie asked me how to sign up earlier today, and I know Colbert asked about it as well. If anyone sees them, please encourage them to sign up. Looks like at most we have two more spaces.. fewer if we want more healers.

  colbert wrote @

Hmm I thought I posted on here earlier but now I see that that post could be anywhere… if you happen to see my post please return it to this board unharmed. Also it likes candy so give it candy.

  colbert wrote @

Found it! It was on last weeks soooo technically I signed up way before all of you and should have a spot :)

  caelorum wrote @

Smokie’s and Colbert’s comments got filtered to the comment holding pool (awaiting moderation). I just now checked it and we had a backlog. Looks like they both signed up yesterday! Hopefully you’ve still got room for them. ;)

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