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This Weekend’s Kara Action

I think we had a really successful Kara run this weekend, even though we had two very bad PUGs. Not only were we able to down Shade of Aran again, but we also learned a lot. We learned that we can down Curator with only two healers. Llye was assigned to melee down the sparks from Curator, and he was on top of it. He rapidly grab any spark and pulled it to the center of the DPS arc. By keeping the spark in the middle, the DPS did not take as much damage, thus negating the need for a third healer. Excellent work.

While we got as far as we normally do in Kara, our further progress in Kara was hampered by a bad PUG mage and my handling of the situation. While I think I was justified in kicking the mage, I could have phrased it in a nicer way, a lesson I continually fail to realize. Due to my jackassery, the mage vengefully stuck around, preventing us from attempting anymore bosses. For that, I sincerely want to apologize. I really think we could have downed Netherspite, and it would have been nice to make an attempt on the Prince. That will have to wait for next weekend it seems.

Speaking of next week, is Saturday a good day for everyone? Should we try maybe Friday? Hell, people have talked about doing Kara on the weekdays. We could always split up Kara. For example, we could clear all the through the Opea Event on one day, and then start in with Curator on the next. So please, tell us your thoughts, when would you prefer to Kara?




  brittastic wrote @

First off, I am really impressed with how far you guys were able to go despite not one, but two bad pugs! That just shows are leet you all are that you could still kill bosses with basically only 8 people. You all ROCK!

Secondly, in my opinion, I prefer to do Kara on the weekends because of school. If we did it on a weekday, there would be a higher probability that I would have to drop out if I have a midterm or some paper due the following day. There are some days when I don’t get back from school until 6, and that would not work for me to then do a 3ish hour raid and not do my homework.

The reason I like weekends is because I can afford the time to do it, and because it is something that everyone can put in their date book every week….so much, that it becomes a given when making plans. You know that for one weekend day, you will be busy and you can schedule everything else accordingly.

That being said, I think it would be a good idea to establish which day we would like to designate “Kara Day.” I know that we have had a couple times of switching the day, and that can be a frustration to the people that have other plans that cannot be switched (e.g. my field trip). Do people have a preference for Saturday or Sunday?

Again, I want to say that this is just my opinion on the matter. If the weekdays would work for the bulk of the guild then I am all for it and will plan my schedule accordingly. But my vote is for the weekends.

  Morgan wrote @

If you did a partial Kara run on a weekday (say, up to Opera), approximately how long would it take and what time would you start?

  DeeJott wrote @

Good thoughts, John. Don’t worry about the ‘vengeful mage’. It was how it was, it was justified to kick him. I don’t think anybody should blame you for his immaturity. I at least got the kick out of it since I was planning to head out soon anyway :-)

Kara is fine with me any day. The problem during the week is only that I am typically getting home at 9pm-9:30pm. Quick dinner gets me logged in earliest at 9:45pm. Needing to head into bed at 11pm I cannot do a whole lot Mon-Thu. Friday is a different story with open end. Sat/Sun usually can be planned around raids (as I am typing this I am amazed that my [non wow playing] wife is OK with that :-))

  lilypadjohn wrote @

To answer Morgan’s question, a clear through the opera event should take less than two hours I think.

I am surprised more people haven’t responded to my question regarding scheduling, so I think we will continue with the weekend action for now, but please let me know if you’d like to try other options.

  Morgan wrote @

I could do two hours on a weeknight, no problem (once I get to 70, obviously).

I usually get home from work about 6:15-6:30 pm PST. My preference would be starting at 7 so I could be done by 9:30-ish.

  brittastic wrote @

I am surprised that more people haven’t responded as well….maybe, that just means that they have no opinion and that they will follow those that do have an opinion on the matter.

Who knows?!

  caelorum wrote @

I’ve had to mull this one over a few times. I’d prefer that we do a weeknight Kara run–or, at the very least, start our Kara runs on a weeknight. We’ve gotten pretty efficient at clearing up to/through Curator, so I think we could knock that out in a couple of hours. This, however, is my personal preference, and likely won’t fit everyone else’s availability. The other thing is that the quarter is winding to a close, which means much cramming and paper writing, so I may have to sit some future runs out, regardless.

But I also like the idea of a weeknight Kara run (even if partial) mainly because it would (hopefully!) free up more time for me on the weekends.

  Feril wrote @

To be completely honest, I’m not exactly sure where I stand. I’d love to start one day and finish up another (Fri/Sat), but at the same time, that takes up a weekend night and a weekend day that people might end up having plans for. Cutting it in half may be difficult for people because then it’s two time frames that are out of the question for regular plans.

Friday nights are usually fairly open for me, so I personally don’t care that much.

Saturday is probably the best day to do it, but it would definitely be nice to have enough people to allow someone else from the guild to step in if some of us have plans (I know we’re recruiting :)), especially as the weather continues to grow nicer (YAY OVER 50 degrees!). Having a definite time/day will totally help so people know in advance if they will or won’t be able to make it any given week.

It looks to me as though the safest day appears to be Saturday, so that’s probably a good way to go, even though in a few Saturdays the majority of us will have plans. :)

  brittastic wrote @

Hmmmm, interesting. It seems, at least to me, that more people are wanting to split up the raid as opposed to doing a bulk campaign on a specific weekend day…it also seems that there are two people saying that Friday nights would be good for them, since they can stay up later and generally do not have other plans. I think that I would be okay with that. My only concern is that it is Friday night (when people normally go out to do stuff with friends) so I fear that scheduling Kara runs on that day (and then attempting to make that a stable engagement in every one’s date books) will be very difficult.


  lilypadjohn wrote @

I think Pinky has expressed a lot of what I’ve been thinking. If we split the raid up, then we just have a lot more days occupied by the raid. Weekday raids sound intriguing, though getting the people to do it sounds difficult with our current roster. Seems like everyone is still okay with Saturday though, so let’s keep to that for at least this weekend.

I really appreciate the feedback on this. Thanks guys.

  Dantofist wrote @

Sunday is the best day for me and any weekday besides Friday wouldn’t work for me.

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