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Shade of Aran Down! Signup for Saturday!

Shade of Aran Down!
So I dropped the ball about posting on our success in Karazhan last Sunday! We were able to down Shade of Aran for the first time, so that is definitely something we should post about. Buzzing off of our success with Shade, we attempted Netherspite for the first time. After only two attempts, we got him down to 45%, that’s fantastic! Netherspite actually seems like he should be “easy” once we get down the technical side of the fight. I’d also like to thank Caelorum again for logging on. Without him, we would not have been able to even take down Curator. We also got lots of upgrades with many people getting to revered with Violet Eye as well.

Meanwhile, we have our next raid on Karazhan this weekend. I think a total of six of us are playing Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday, so we won’t be available for raid action; however, we’d like to try another Saturday raid to compensate. We should be able to take down Shade of Aran once again, and hopefully Netherspite will go down as well. Sign ups start….NOW!




  brittastic wrote @

Unfortunately, this is me notifying you guys that I won’t be going :(

I have a field trip that day which I can’t miss and we probably won’t be getting back until 5:30ish which is way too late for you guys to start. Sorry! I really wish that I could go!

…and I just realized that I am going to have to take the bus home since John will be busy in Kara, lol.

I know that you guys will do brilliantly!

  lilypadjohn wrote @

Ick, that sucks that you will have to take the bus home…maybe we can work something out.

Anyway, I will be there with either Pumkin or Damaris.

  Cleonicus wrote @

There with Guild.

  Feril wrote @

I’m going to call this one very iffy for Kayaan. I can’t promise I’ll be there, since I am spending an entire day gaming on Sunday, and if I ran Kara that would be taking up John’s only other day off. I can’t completely ignore my husband on the only two days I actually get to see him.

I’d say it’s going to be iffy for me for the duration of the D&D thing. I just can’t justify doing both every weekend, especially with the weather getting nicer in the somewhat near future.

  Feril wrote @

Aaand Pumkin called to clarify a bit. :) I’m still iffy on this weekend, but I’m up for others. :)

  Dantofist wrote @

I shall be there with plate on!

  Delduwath wrote @

I’ll be available.

  hopkinstj wrote @


  Dantofist wrote @

What time were we thinking?

  lilypadjohn wrote @

yeah, I realized that yesterday that I’d not posted a time. Is 4pm server still good for everyone?

And only 5 people have signed up so far, remind others in the guild!

  DeeJott wrote @

/in on Saturday 4pm

Just don’t know for how long – depending on Saturday evening plans since I am two time zones ahead of you.

  Dantofist wrote @

5pm server time would work better for me. Hmm

  Dantofist wrote @

Hmm… 5pm server time would work a lot better for me.

  caelorum wrote @

there w/ Caelorum. Although an earlier start would be nicer…

  Dantofist wrote @

I’m not going to be available at 2pm. I’m sorry. I will show up after 2pm and will be around if needed.

  Feril wrote @

I’ll be there.

  colbert wrote @

I will be able to run it, save me a spot :)

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