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As you all should know, I’ve been actively recruiting new people, and we’ve had some great new additions. Colbert seems to be fitting in nicely and is rocking the ice mage action. We all thought Glados was a great addition to the guild, but unfortunately he was a little too 1337 for us and decided to move on to a more active raiding guild, which I respect (though I don’t respect his decision to just split without saying anything).

Anyboo, while I’ve recruited some gems, I’ve also let some bad seeds into the guild. Most notably was “Candyandy” who swiped near 200 gold worth of potions from the guild bank. While I’ve been urging the bank supervisors to move the potions from the first tab for some time now, I think this more greatly illustrates a lack of a standards on my part.

I have been recruiting people under the assumption that I will just kick them out if they suck, and while that might work on some level, I think that letting the bad seeds into the guild affects the morale of the guild. No one likes to deal with annoying fourteen year olds or beggars, and I really need to work on filtering these people out.

Here are some of the things I have been stressing when I recruit people:

  • We are not an uber raiding guild, we try to be more casual about it
  • Most of us are aged 25+, many of us in long term, even married relationships
  • We have an active guild bank that only works on a balance of inputs and outputs
  • We are silly, some might even say “gay” at times :)

I love the community in our guild, and I really want to recruit more people to our family.  I would like to point out that I do not want to make a formal “application” for our guild.  I think an application goes against the very nature of our guild, but I do think that any officers should be able to take a few minutes to question every candidate to see if they fit into the above terms (and if you have any others to add to the list, please suggest it in the comments).  The first question should be, “How old are you?”  Next, there’s a website (can someone insert the link?) that you can check how many guilds the candidate has been in recently (if they have been jumping around from guild to guild, we don’t want them).

Lastly, I can’t do it by myself.  If you have the rank of “Officer”, you should be actively looking for more people for the guild.  I do not mean that you should be spamming every zone you go in with some premade macro, but if you find talented and awesome people, try to get them in the guild!  Hopefully we can start to expand our numbers and talents without compromising what it means to be a true “Emerald Flamer”.  LOL




  DeeJott wrote @

Good writeup, John. I like the fact of
(1) every officer actively persuing good people that you have grouped with to join our rankes and
(2) a ‘miniature screening’, not a full application process as it is standard with all (wannabe) hardcore raiding guilds. A few minutes in a chat/voicechat, a couple of questions, nothing major.

  brittastic wrote @

All very good points, John and I thank you for making this post.

I definitely agree that you can’t do this by yourself, and so it might be a good idea for all of us to start pugging more, even though I dread the very idea of that :P

Unfortunately, in today’s society, it is hard to come by talented players that take the game seriously (when needed) and know when and how to have fun and support the guild at the same time.

I wish that I had suggestions to add here, but I don’t. I think that you have been doing a great job and really only Candyandy was a bad seed. The others (that have already been booted out) have just been annoying!

I guess my suggestion is that maybe we should make it a requirement to raid with them a bit before shooting them an invite. Say “Hey, let’s do some instances. Then we can decide if this guild is for you.” And then observe if they are chatting or silent in party chat, see if they laugh and make jokes, and play their character well. I think that is a must. But I do not have as much power and control of this guild as others, so the final word will come down to what they think.


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