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Karazhan, Sunday, February 17th

Let’s start the signups for our next Karazhan raid this upcoming Sunday.  We’ve lost a couple people since our last foray, but hopefully we will still rock it.  What time do people prefer?  Is 4pm server time okay?  Or should we do 5 or 6 server?





  Delduwath wrote @

I’ll be available if you have the spot for me

  lilypadjohn wrote @

I will be there with Pumkin or Damaris.

  Cleonicus wrote @

I’m there. As either Cleon or Guild.

  Dantofist wrote @

The Fist will not be missed!

  brittastic wrote @

ON IT! My frosty-ness will not be missed! Muwahahaha…..

I really have no preference for time, but I am thinking the earlier the better.

  DeeJott wrote @

4pm server is fine with me.

  Feril wrote @

Kayaan will be there.

  Feril wrote @

PS 5 or 6 server seems a bit late. The end :)

  DeeJott wrote @

since we need to plan to find some PuGs we should probably start as early as we all can.

  brittastic wrote @

I agree with Deejott, the earlier the better especially since we have to pug people.

Has anybody seen Aethana on in a while? I know that he hit 70 a while ago, so maybe he would like to go.

  Feril wrote @

I saw him a couple of days ago, but i was on my way out.

I also noticed Dan hasn’t said anything. I’ll see if he plans on going. :)

  caelorum wrote @

Yeah, I’ll go.

  themeraldflame wrote @

Im down if you guys need anybody. Doesnt matter what time just give me a heads up.

  lilypadjohn wrote @

heh, who is “themeraldflame”?

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