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To the Chess Event!

The Chess EventAfter one-shotting the first five bosses and trying to kill Shade of Aran twice, we pushed through the trash mobs to the chess event. I was actually surprised how few mobs there were between Shade’s door and the chess event. The chess event is really easy, so if we can’t down Shade of Aran in the future, we should know that chess isn’t that far away. In regards to Shade of Aran, we got him down to 40%, so we were able to see him summon the water elementals. We know what it looks like and I think we are definitely making some progress, so hopefully we can take him down next weekend. We are getting lots of upgrades and having a lot fun, Kara will be our bitch!



  DeeJott wrote @

yes, upgrades, phat lewtz and fun! I had never seen the chess event before but it is fun!

BTW, for those interested, the keyboard with a screen!…actual pics under

  Morgan wrote @

I’ve been thinking about getting one of those, mostly for the macroing features.

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