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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now… (Realm Transfers?)

Travis mentioned today in guild chat that we are allowed free transfers to a new realm (Ghostlands) until the 7th of February, providing transfer goals are not met before then. — Link

Should we consider this move to leave the queues behind, or should we stay?

Please post your thoughts in the comments section!




  DeeJott wrote @

I personally don’t care about the queues every now and then. And a server transfer sounds so ‘permanent’. Alleria is where it all started for me. I guess, my vote is to stay…but I could go either way.

  Delduwath wrote @

Personally the queues do not bother me, but the fact that my abilities take between 1/2 a second and 2 seconds around 7pm and are nearly instant at like 12 at night bothers me a good deal. When the queue is up I notice a big difference in response time from the server/amount of server lag. So I vote yes, but of course I’ll stay with the guild either way (decide fast!).

  Glados wrote @

The queues for the server don’t bother me much but I’ve been having trouble with this server lately and I’ve only been in it for a little while. Either way I’ll transfer or stay with this guild.

  Gressory wrote @

A little more information. Ghostland will be a brand new server, that is transfer only until the 7th. If we do transfer, there will be very few people on the new server. Because of this, I’m thinking we should stay. Ghostland is also another CST server.

  feril wrote @

I agree with Greg. The whole “new server” thing isn’t exactly great to me. There are multiple things that would change.. the AH being one of the biggest ones. I have a feeling stuff there would be a lot more expensive and much more rare.

  Morgan wrote @

AH prices going up could be a benefit or a drawback depending on whether you’re buying or selling.

If we switched servers, I assume the guild would have to be recreated, yes? In which case we could name an actual active member at level 70 (cough) as guild leader and redo the silly guild ranking structure, right?

  lilypadjohn wrote @

hehe that is what I said, Morgan. Travis didn’t seem to like that :)

In regards to the server move, I will do what everyone else does. I don’t have much of an opinion myself since moving has advantages and disadvantages.

  Entros wrote @

I am for staying here.

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