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The Curator Finally Goes Down!

The Curator Dies!

After only our third visit to Karazhan, The Emerald Flame has taken down The Curator! On top of that, we downed the first four bosses on our first try! No wipes! While we wiped on the first pull of The Curator due to a mispull, I was really surprised how far we got him down. Everyone was organized and knew what they were supposed to do. As Pumkin, I found a lot of success by standing behind Curator, though I think it might be best to stand to his right or left so I could drop some renews on the DPS kids if they needed it. A lot of caster gear dropped on Saturday, with Brittastic ultimately getting the tier 4 gloves off of Curator!

Hot off our success on Saturday, we returned to Karazhan for more. Most of us were able to upgrade our rings and finish the quests in the library, so we still had some success. However, after several attempts, we were unable to down either Illhoof or Shade of Aran. These attempts were definitely a learning experience, and I know we will eventually get them down (Shade of Aran looked scared, we almost had him!).

Next time, Aran! Next tiiiiiiime!



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  brittastic wrote @

Yeah, Saturday was great. Sunday was not. I think it’s really funny that I received two items from Saturday’s raid, but that was only because everyone felt bad for me and passed on them despite the fact that they had won the roll. (Thank you Greg, Dan and Pinky!!!! You guys are swell!).

We will definitely get the Shade and Illhoof next time. Those bitches are going down!

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