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We Can Has Kara on Caturday? Unpossible!

While we have done our first two runs on Karazhan on Sundays, I would like to explore the possibility of hitting Karazhan on Saturday.  This Saturday, to be more specific.  In addition, what about a different time then 5pm server time?  Some mentioned they’d like the raid to be later.





  Cleonicus wrote @

Sounds fine to me. Kara then Rock Band! Also the NHL All-star game is on Sunday, which would interfere with our Kara run. :P

  lilypadjohn wrote @

Heh nice. Well, If we started at 7pm server time (5pm our time), we might not be able to start Rock Band till later than normal.

  brittastic wrote @

I am fine with starting to raid on Saturday…however, later in the quarter, my field trips will begin, so I will have to miss out on a few of the raids. I’m sure you could find someone to replace me though.

  Feril wrote @

I don’t mind starting around 5:00, but I can’t guarantee that will even be close to a weekly thing for me, since Saturday nights tend to be “do stuff” nights with some of my friends, or John and I might have plans. Generally speaking, though, that sort of stuff doesn’t start until later.

So yeah.. I’ll be there :)

  DeeJott wrote @

I am /in whenever atm. Even in Texas it is currently too cold and unpredictable to play Golf these weekends (but this is probably changing in February but occurs normally Saturday until afternoon).

  lilypadjohn wrote @

Yeah, I’ve always assumed that we would never make something “set in stone” and that we would leave our options open. I am actually hoping that we would grow large enough that we could have people not show up to kara and still have enough people to go. Hell, two groups a week would rock :)

  caelorum wrote @

That’s a tall order ’cause I usually spend all night Friday and then all day Saturday getting my homework done for our Sunday raids. I will see what i can do about this weekend though, ’cause I’d still love to go. :)

  brittastic wrote @

Yeah, I kind of have been ignoring my school responsibilities for Kara and WoW in general…..but it also may be due to my extreme case of senioritis, and graduate school applications. I really hate school atm.

It might even be better for me to raid on Saturday so that I can seriously work on HW on Sunday.

  hopkinstj wrote @

As long as we are done around 9pm I am fine with Saturday

  lilypadjohn wrote @

why 9? are you doing something? are you going somewheres?!

  Morgan wrote @

You’re cheating on John, aren’t you, Tommy?
Goddamn it, can’t you see how your lies are tearing him up inside?

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