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Karazhan: January 20, 2008

Yesterday’s Karazhan raid showed some improvement and some areas where we can improve. First off, I think it is fantastic that we killed Attumen and the Maiden of Virtue in one try. On the other hand, we had a lot of trouble with the other three bosses we attempted. On Moroes, we had some crowd control issues, especially with the PUG hunter we picked up. The Opera Event was difficult because we’d never done “Romulo and Julianna”, though I think we learned that we need to bring three healers for that. The Curator is just plain difficult. We discussed changes in formation and healing rotation that might help with this very hard boss. However, he has some awesome loot once we do drop him, so don’t give up!

I think we should all be stoked that we once again downed four bosses, and I cannot wait to do it again. We all up for next weekend? Saturday/Sunday? I know I am.


Twenty Man Raid on Maiden of Virtue!
Twenty Man Raid

Romulo and Julianne Dead
Star Crossed Lovers



  DeeJott wrote @

I feel guilty messing up the Curator fight :-( My “Boss Mod” tells me who I am standing too close to, so I moved around until nobody was close anymore. No problem…until these sparks were on me. Instinctively, I moved back a little – that was the end of the caster group behind me.

And, I wish I would have more +healing, I am trying to conserve mana. I know I was waaaaay overhealing but cut it back the further the raid proceeded.

Still, overall, I had a lot of fun in Kara with you all. Let’s all get geared up and complete heroix, too. I am looking forward to more hours in Kara and Zul’aman after that and beyond :-))

  lilypadjohn wrote @

It really is a learning experience for us all. As many have said, the first few boss fights are gear checks. Our experiences show us that we need to work on our gear. In addition, it seems that most people actually do bring three healers to the curator fight, I was in a rare raid where they had two.

In regards to healing, Jeff suggested that I actually start using my biggest heals with your heals filling in the gaps on the tanks. Then it would be great if we had a third healer for the DPS peoples.

  caelorum wrote @

We can try the next run with me as Caelorum through the whole run. It sure proved useful for us in the Romulo & Julianne fight…

  lilypadjohn wrote @

Wouldn’t you rather play Auryn though, we could always pug a healer…

  feril wrote @

Auryn’s DPS is definitely useful. If he doesn’t run it with his other guild prior to our Kara run that week, maybe Aeth can help out with his other healer. It would probably be best with a druid or something for dot heals, but I don’t think that’s the end of the world. OR we could PuG a healer. I don’t think that’s too hard to do.

I will say though, having Cael for Romulo and Julianne really could have been what turned our Opera run from a bad experience to a good one.

We definitely still need to work on gearing, but I know the best way to do so is to continue running Kara. :) It might be useful for people to take a look at AtlasLoot or something before hand to see what combinations of items might be best for them. I don’t mind if someone rolls on something they won’t use right away, but would once they get enough upgrades to break a set and have it be practical. I know both Greg and Brittany haven’t been fortunate enough to get any Kara loot yet, and there may be others (Tommy?), so considering we still have very little gear as a guild, we’re doing very well!

I’ll be around Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day, so I’d be happy to run again. :)

  lilypadjohn wrote @

Yeah, there are many people that haven’t gotten an upgrade from Kara yet, though I am happy that a lot more of us got upgrades this time than last time.

It will even out soon. If we keep running Kara, we will soon down the Prince and be epiiiiix.

  caelorum wrote @

As far as my preferences are concerned, my only preference is that I go to Kara. ;)

With whom isn’t as big an issue. I know I’ve talked to John about my concerns healing, but for a secondary healer, I think Cael would do great. I merely suggested this because I think a DPS class would be 10x easier to pug for this run than a healer (and a dotty dot dot dot healer like a dr00d even more so, for that matter) :)

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