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Here are some mods that we use:

Omen threat meter
*everyone should get this*
Omen provides a metered readout of the current aggro level and aggro gain of you and the other members of your party/raid who have this mod. It’s very helpful for managing your aggro level to stay below the tanks (or to stay on top of the meter, if you’re tanking).

Auctioneer has tools to scan the Auction Houses, listing high, low and mean prices for a given item. A very useful tool if you want an inside track on getting your auction to sell quickly!

Damage Meters
Damage Meters is a cool little tool that shows your percentage of damage done during your time in a party/raid. But it gets better! It also compiles all manner of other statistics, including: healing, overhealing, damage + healing, damage taken, etc. Not one of the real must-haves, but a fun mod nevertheless.

Itemrack is fantastic for hybrid classes, or any character that might need to have more than two sets of gear on them at one time. Some of our druids use it to swap between restoration/balance and feral gear, tanks can use it to swap between stances, mages can use it to swap between +crit and +hit gear, etc.

I’d consider this a must-get for anyone who has Mining or Herbalism as a profession. It will overlay the node locations of herbs and ore nodes onto your in-game minimap. It’s incredibly useful for farming runs, and it becomes even more worthwhile once you’re flying around on an epic mount. Farming’s almost fun with this!

Atlas and Atlasloot Enhanced
Wonderful map mods! Atlas comes with mapped layouts of all the instances in the game, and the Atlasloot overlay lets you see what bosses drop which loot. Definitely handy to have for instance runs!

This is a great pack, especially CT_RaidAssist. There are various mods included such as a mail mod, bar mod, map mod, timer mod, etc. Click on the downloads section to check-out each mod, then download a pack, or which ever mods you want.

Deadly boss mods Cleon was using this in our 1/20 Kara run and it was great. It had timers for all the bosses so that you would know when Moroes would vanish, or Curator was going to evocate. Also it told you when people were too close to you in the Maiden and Curator fights. Very useful for saving the healers’ mana. is a great place to find other mods, too. Explore and try them out. You can always delete the ones you don’t like.

Post your own mods with links.




  caelorum wrote @

I added a couple more to the main list. Notably absent are any of the actual UI mods that I use, ’cause those take some playing around to get just right. And besides…this list is getting long enough as it is! ;)

  lilypadjohn wrote @

The thing about Omen is that even if you don’t care about your threat, other people do, and if you don’t have it, we can’t see your threat.

I’ve never tried auctioneer, I think I might have to :)

  cleonicus wrote @

CTmod is such a standard, I totally forgot it the first time around.

  lilypadjohn wrote @

heh I forgot about CTmod as well, I’ve been using it forever!

  Morgan wrote @

Yeah, Omen doesn’t work right unless everybody in your group has the Threat 1.0 Ace mod (which comes with Omen). It also comes with a few other mods, too.

Auctioneer/ Informant has been a lifesaver for me. Once thing I’ve always hated about MMOs is not knowing what loot to sell to vendors and what to hold for auction, or whether keeping something for crafting on my own is worth it. WoW’s grey/white/green/blue/purple color-coding helps but there are a lot of white and green drops that just aren’t worth the trouble to try to auction, and since I’m still pretty unfamiliar with the economy of WoW being able to mouseover an item and see its estimated auction buyout price has helped soooooo much.

You’ll notice above that I mentioned Ace. Ace is a mod framework where certain components are shared between different mods. If you’re running multiple mods simultaneously, making sure they’re all Ace mods will reduce overall memory usage as they can share components rather than load them redundantly. For example, Cleon suggested Atlas; personally I’ve been using Cartographer instead with the Cartographer_Herbalism addon. I’m not sure if Cartographer is better than Atlas or vice versa, but I know it’s pretty damn popular (it came highly recommended in a recent thread on the official forums).

I tried ItemRack, Outfitter, and ClosetGnome and settled on ClosetGnome because it’s based on Ace, too. ClosetGnome doesn’t do everything that ItemRack does (for instance it won’t automatically swap your gear when you enter a certain zone) but it performs the same basic function (one-click gear swaps) with slightly less memory usage.

And this isn’t technically a mod, but I edited my file with the following line:

SET targetNearestDistance = “50.0”

This slightly increases the distance at which you can select a mob with the tab key.

  cleonicus wrote @

We could also post annotated pics of our UIs. For all of the little mods that aren’t that important.

  Feril wrote @

Additional note…

I HIGHLY suggest anyone planning on running Kara get Omen. If you do not have it, it will cause problems in Kara. I’m talking especially to the tanks. There were two last time that didn’t have it, and it made things a lot more difficult for the DPS people.

  cleonicus wrote @

Edited: added deadly boss mods

  caelorum wrote @

Sweet. I was using Deadly Boss Mods, too. It’s actually really useful. :)

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