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Karazhan: The Sequel

As Feril put it, the whole guild’s been “abuzz” since our success in Karazhan last Sunday.  Let’s ride that buzz and try again this next Sunday, who’s with me!? (sign up on this post :)




  lilypadjohn wrote @

Well, I will be going with Pumkin :)

  brittastic wrote @

Count me in as Brittastic!

  cleonicus wrote @

I can has hates! -Cleon

  hopkinstj wrote @


  caelorum wrote @


  DeeJott wrote @

big time!

  Dantofist wrote @

Count me in!

  Feril wrote @

While I’d love to come with Kay for the first half, and Feril for anything after that *if* we got to that point, it’s really going to depend on when everyone starts… and when I get back.

Being down here in Oregon makes me realize more than I did before how incredibly disorganized everything is regarding this wedding, so I have no idea what time I’ll be headed out of here. Soo… I’d say count me out, and if I’m able to make it by some miracle.. then .. um.. yay!

I wish you guys the best on your run!

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