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Our First Karazhan Raid!

We have finished our first raid on Karazhan! Our goal was to kill the first two bosses, and we were able to down FOUR! While it wasn’t a full guild raid (with two PUGs), I think it fully demonstrated that The Emerald Flame is Karacapable! I know that we are not at the point where we can do the whole dungeon, but if we can farm the first four or even five (damn you Curator!), then we will get there. We will get there!

Here’s the raid roster:
+Aethan (doesn’t really count as a PUG since he has other characters in guild)
+Rhamsys (rogue PUG)
+Dragoness (hunter PUG)

Attumen The Huntsman
Tank it, Cleon!!

Dead Moroes

Maiden of Virtue

Opera Event: Wizard of Oz
Oh no, Tito!

After the raid, Rhamsys sent me a link to a site that displayed our stats from the raid. For some reason, Llye is not on the list and is replaced by a hunter with the name “Starfarer”.

Well, I cannot wait till we can get a full guild run on Kara going. Next time everyone needs to have either speakers or headphones, don’t care so much about the mic, but you have to be able to hear us. Great job, guys!


 Addendum:  Looks like we got a lot of screenshots.  I’ve made a set in Flickr.



  DeeJott wrote @

GREAT JOB! This is awesome news! I am thrilled for the Guild! First attempt and four bosses is awesome!!!

Even more so does it hurt not being able to have been part of it :-( But, valuable n00b lesson learnt….
Well, there is always a next week…:-)

  caelorum wrote @

Hey I’d also like to suggest that everyone, aside from having a mic or headphones or whatever, download a threat meter. That would REALLY help us (especially casters!) to manage our threat better and make sure we don’t go squish so quickly. :)

Most of us use Omen Threat Meter

  lilypadjohn wrote @

DeeJott, you were definitely missed, I can’t wait to have you there!

Good point, Dan, we should make that a requirement as well. Speakers and Omen :)

  Morgan wrote @

Good job, guys! :)

Speaking of Omen, maybe somebody could write a general post about add-ons. I know they’ll be different for different classes/roles but I think it might be interesting to see what everybody uses.

  lilypadjohn wrote @

I don’t use a lot of addons myself, though I know Dan does, so maybe he would like to write about some of his faves :)

  caelorum wrote @

Oh god yeah, I’m an addon whore. I’ll see what I can do about making an addon post here in the near future. :)

  Cleonicus wrote @

We could make another page for it, or should we just mark it as a category so people an find them later?

  lilypadjohn wrote @

I think that is an excellent idea, we should totally have an addons category. Anyone wanna volunteer to create it? :)

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