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Karazhan Raid, This Sunday!

This may be short notice, but we are going to attempt Karazhan on Sunday.  Please respond to this post if you want to go, in addition, please tell us what we need to do to get you attuned.  We will try to get as many people attuned as possible this weekend so we can have a strong turn out on Sunday for Kara.  I am to be on all day on Sunday to help people finish their attunement, so hopefully we can enter Kara around 3 or 4pm Pacific time?

Again, please respond and let us know if you wanna go.  Any other comments are welcome as well.




  lilypadjohn wrote @

I will be there with either Pumkin (fully attuned) or Damaris (needs 3rd key and on).

  caelorum wrote @

I’ll be there with Auryn… Caelorum if we desperately need it, but I’d prefer to run with Auryn (both fully attuned).

  hopkinstj wrote @

Count me in!

  feril wrote @

I’ll be there with either Feril (attuned) or Kayaan (needs BM). Feril’s definitely better geared and more suitable, IMO.. but it would be nice to have Kay sitting on the wings in case we need more undead control through the first half.

  lilypadjohn wrote @

heh I cant imagine that we would be able to even get past the first half :)

  brittastic wrote @

Count me in as Brittastic. She’s fully attuned.

  cleonicus wrote @

I can’t go; I have to wash the backside of the oven… :P

  brittastic wrote @


  feril wrote @

LOL Girg, that’s low!

And John, I doubt we’d be able to go beyond the first half either. I just know the undead end there for the most part. :)

  Dantofist wrote @

I’m in, just have to get 2nd fragment.

  DeeJott wrote @

/in for Kara

need third key fragment (in Tempest Keep i believe) and forward until full attunement

  lilypadjohn wrote @

Travis posted this in a post from a month ago, don’t know why…

“I don’t think I can make it. I am still unattuned with the last two hunks of key to get. Time is still a big big issue for me. I would live to see screen shots of the events if possible though. I still really want to run through there.”

Travis, we can get you attuned. Technically you are the “Guild leader”, so it would be cool if you showed up.

  feril wrote @

Dee let us know today he’s fully attuned! It looks like Dantofist is as well.

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